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Using Condoms

Condoms are one of the most popular forms of birth control and STI infection out there. They slip over the penis to prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of STIs by keeping sperm inside the condom and out of the vagina.  There are also internal condoms that go inside the vagina.  Condoms come in hundreds of shapes, colors, flavors, and sizes, with lube and without. 

Dual protection is the way to go!  The most effective way to protect yourself from STIs and unintended pregnancy is to use a condom plus a regular birth control method.  And, less is more!  Never put one condom on over another!  The friction that occurs between them with movement makes them more likely to break.  Remember, though it’s rare for a condom to break, it could happen.  Using Emergency Contraception (EC) within five days of unprotected sex can greatly reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy.

Types of Condoms


These condoms are lubricated with a chemical that kills sperm. While these are safe for vaginal intercourse, they are not recommended for oral or anal sex.


Women and men who are sensitive to spermicide can use spermicide-free condoms. Condoms have very few side effects. This type has even less.


Elastic fantastic latex can stretch up to 800%. These are the most common condoms. But don’t use them with oil-based lube. They can break or slip off if you do.


Allergic to latex? Prefer oil-based lube? Then these are for you. Usually made from polyurethane, other synthetic high tech materials, or natural lambskin.