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Health Department Announces Launch of Digital Vaccination Record

US Virgin Islands – On July 1st, the Department of Health launched PolarisKey – a digital health pass available to individuals vaccinated in the Virgin Islands. The digital vaccination record will make it easy for individuals to securely share their COVID-19 vaccination status, while maintaining their privacy, with a growing network of local organizations, as we look to safely return to normal activities. 

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine in the Virgin Islands is easy for anyone 12 and over and the department has made it even easier to show proof of vaccination. 
Not only does being vaccinated keep you safer from getting COVID-19 and becoming severely ill, but it makes activities like traveling easier.  For vaccinated individuals who are planning to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands, there are several options. You can upload a negative COVID-19 test or a positive COVID-19 antibody test to the travel portal at The department and its partners are working to make using the digital vaccination record an option for traveling to the U.S. Virgin Islands and will announce that new feature when it is available. 

The digital record can be carried as a wallet-sized photo, as well as on Apple Wallet and Google Wallet for individuals with smartphones. The program follows cybersecurity and privacy best practices to ensure all of your information is secure. 

To request your digital vaccine record or to join the network, the process is simple. It is based on securely verifying your identity and vaccine history. Individuals should visit to start the process. This website is accessible by using mobile phones and tablets, and will guide users through the information submission process. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section where you can learn more about the digital vaccination record. 

The program is voluntary and the vaccine verification process with local organizations is based on a consent culture and information is only shared following the individual’s request. 

Local organizations, travel groups, or event planners can request to join the network — to verify vaccination status for event attendees or patrons. 

Anyone who has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the Virgin Islands is eligible. Once a second dose is given and updated in the immunization registry, the digital key will be automatically updated.

If you were vaccinated within the Virgin Islands, your information is likely up to date with the immunization registry. You may also submit a photo of your vaccination record. 

This record can also be used to verify your employment for the special drawings of the vaccine lottery for individuals who work in education. More information about that can be found online at 

The Department of Health will also be supporting the community with a hotline to guide individuals through the submission and verification process. For support with submissions or for children under the age of 13, you can also call the COVID-19 hotline for guidance. That hotline numbers are (340) 712-6299 and (340) 776-1519. You should receive follow-up about your digital record within 5 to 7 business days of submission.