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DOH Reminds Food Establishments and the Public of Permit Requirements

May 14, 2021 (Christiansted, VI) – The VI Department of Health (VI DOH), Division of Environmental Health (DEH) wants to remind food establishments and the public of the following permitting requirements:

  • In addition to a license to do business, all establishments which operate restaurants or itinerant restaurants, who serve or manufacture frozen desserts, soft drinks or ice, who introduce for sale, offer for sale, sell or have in storage meat or meat products, or who operate meat or poultry packing or canning establishments, shall obtain from DEH, a health permit in order to carry on such business.
  • The VI DOH may not require a mobile food establishment that holds a valid, annual health permit for mobile food service to obtain additional health permits for operating a mobile food service at multiple locations during Carnival, festivals, and other public events. The establishment must notify the DEH in writing within at least five business days before the event.
  • The owner/operator of the mobile food establishment must notify DEH in writing of the dates and the location of the sites at which it intends to operate. Such health permits shall be posted in a conspicuous place within the business of all establishments.

“Food establishment” does not include:

  • An establishment that offers only pre-packaged foods that are not time/temperature control for safety foods;
  • A produce stand that only offers whole, uncut fresh fruits, and vegetables;
  • A food processing plant: including those that are located on the premises of a food establishment;
  • A kitchen in a private home if only food that is not time/temperature control for safety food is prepared for sale or service at a function such as a religious or charitable organization’s bake sale;
  • A kitchen in a private home, such as a small family day-care provider; or a bed-and-breakfast operation that prepares and offers food to guests if:
    • The home is owner-occupied,
    • The number of available guest bedrooms does not exceed 6,
    • Breakfast is the only meal offered,
    • The number of guests served does not exceed 18,
    • And the consumer is informed by statements contained in published advertisements, mailed brochures, and placards posted at the registration area that the food is prepared in a kitchen that is not regulated and inspected by the Division of Environmental Health; or
  • A private home that receives catered or home-delivered food.

For more information on the 2017 FDA Food Code, the process of applying for VI DOH Health Permit, and how to obtain a Health Card, please visit