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Certificate of Need (CON)


Title 19 VIRR §225-3 Certificate of Need Program; activities for which certificate is required 

No person, organization, or governmental unit, acting severally or jointly with any other person, organization or governmental unit shall establish, construct, or expand a health facility or health service, or incur capital expenditure on behalf of a health facility or health service, or acquire major medical equipment in the Virgin Islands without applying for and receiving a Certificate of Need. 

The steps required to obtain a CON are outlined the CON Process Letter. To apply, submit of a Letter of Intent, Official CON Application with supporting documentation and an application fee ($200- service requests or $400 facilities) payable to “Government of the VI”. You must submit an original package plus 3 copies. PLHP staff is available to meet with applicants to discuss the requirements and provide further guidance.


Your CON License Renewal may be considered for renewal upon your request in writing, to the Commissioner of Health two (2) months before the expiration date.
Submit a CON Annual Report with all the required supporting documentation.