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Maternal and Child Health/Children with
Special Health Care Needs (MCH/CSHCN)
About the Program

The Maternal and Child Health Block Grant is authorized by Title V of the Social Security Act, as amended by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989, Public Law 101-239. The Block Grant Funds assist the Virgin Islands in maintaining and strengthening its efforts to improve the health of all mothers, infants, and children, including children with special health care needs.

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Health is the official Title V agency for the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands Department of Health (VIDOH) is designated as the agency in the Virgin Islands for administering the Maternal and Child Health and Children With Special Health Care Needs Program (MCH & CSHCN) pursuant to Title 19, Chapter 7, Section 151 of the Virgin Islands Code.

The Maternal and Child Health & Children With Special Health Care Needs (MCH & CSHCN) Program activities are directed at improving and maintaining the health status of women, infants, children, including children with special health care needs and adolescents.

The Vision of MCH & CSHCN is to see all children and families receiving as their right, quality, holistic health care. The Mission of the MCH & CSHCN Program is to provide the clients and community we serve with accessible, family-centered health services that promote the well-being of children and families in an environment that is inviting, courteous, respectful and values patient confidentiality.

Goals & Objectives: MCH & CSHCN goals are to:

1. Facilitate development of a system of care in the territory that improves the health of women of childbearing age, infants, children, and adolescents through availability of appropriate services that optimize health, growth and development.

2. Assure access to quality health care for women and infants, especially those in low income and vulnerable populations, in order to promote and improve pregnancy and birth outcomes.

3. Improve the health status of children and adolescents to age 21, including those with special health care needs, disabilities or chronic illnesses diagnosed at any time during childhood, through comprehensive, coordinated, family-centered, culturally-competent primary and preventive care.

4. Provide a system of care that eliminates barriers and health disparities for vulnerable and unserved or underserved populations.

5. Provide on-going and continuous evaluation of services and systems throughout the territory related to improving the health status of women, infants, children, children with special health care needs, adolescents and families.

6. Enhance program planning and promote policies that will strengthen MCH infrastructure.

7. Optimize perinatal outcomes through prevention of maternal and infant deaths and other adverse outcomes by promoting preconceptual health, utilization of appropriate services; assuring early entry into prenatal care, and improving perinatal care.

The MCH & CSHCN program continues to provide comprehensive and coordinated, primary, preventative and limited specialty health care services to women, children, and adolescents.

Program activities are based on achievement of national and state performance measures required by the Maternal Child Health Bureau. The program, utilizing the public health services pyramid, provides on-going direct services, enabling services, population based services and infrastructure building services.

Direct health care services utilization continues to constitute the primary role of the program. The availability of these services plays a major role in assuring access to comprehensive, coordinated, quality care for women and families. Primary care services are delivered at the MCH Elaine Co building on St. Thomas and the Charles Harwood Building on St. Croix.

I. MCH Projects:

a. Diabetic Clinic was re-started in June 2012 with an attempt to revive the Youth Ambassador Diabetes Program – a program to engage the youth with Type I Diabetes to learn proper management of their illness as well as to be an advocate for young people with this illness utilizing a youth development model. 

b. Clinics in St. John resumed in Decastro Clinic to serve the St. John population.

c. Kathleen Valentine, Speech Pathologist, provided an in-service training workshop on June 22, 2012 for the St. Thomas MCH staff regarding identification of various speech pathologies, basic management and when to refer. All MCH staff was in attendance.

d. Community Health Outreach – summer community health outreaches are scheduled for patients to receive evaluations, physical exam, immunizations and health education counseling/materials.

e. MCH ‘s social service department launched its Single Mother’s Work Program in June 2012. Initiative is spearheaded by Ms. Frett and is a program to help single mothers seek gainful employment and to provide support for them to transition from the home to the work place.

f. MCH is collaborating with the Director for the State Adolescent Resource Center Group from the University of Minnesota regarding continuing technical assistance to develop an Adolescent State Health Plan.

g. MCH is working with the Director for the Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) Program at Rochester University to collaborate and begin creating an Adolescent Health Care Program in collaboration with St. Thomas East End Medical Health Care Corporation. 

h. Shriners’ Hospital Orthopedic international organization conducts an orthopedic clinic on St. Thomas and St. Croix on an annual basis for patients with various orthopedic issues and created special shoes and did casting.

i. MCH collaborates with adolescents from a Faith Based Organization to provide assistance with the Special Olympics.

j. MCH continues to provide Orthopedic specialty service through Dr. Flynn from Puerto Rico who comes every 2 months. 

k. MCH participates in Head Start screening for speech and conducted screening at 10 centers.

l. MCH participates in the Child Find Health Fair doing hearing screening, immunizations, and education.

m. MCH is a WE CAN (Ways to Enhance Childhood Activity and Nutrition) – an obesity prevention program. MCH provides education to parents and families about proper healthy choices and ways to increase childhood activity. MCH collaborates with the Department of Education and teaches a Parent Course for the WE CAN program that will educate parents on making healthy nutritional choices for their children.

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